• Flights
  • Airport shuttle
  • Additional nights
  • Upgrade to a private dorm
  • Lunches & dinners (except for the BBQ party)
  • Alcoholic beverages (except for the BBQ party)
  • Personal expenses and souvenirs
  • Optional activities or excursions

Yes, we offer designated areas where guests can work remotely. Our accommodations include spaces equipped with Wi-Fi and comfortable settings to ensure a productive and peaceful remote working experience.

While specific seasons like late summer to early autumn and late winter to early spring might see more consistent swells, the reality is that Lisbon offers surfable waves throughout the year. Each season brings its own unique surfing experiences, and with varied conditions, surfers of different skill levels can find suitable waves almost any time of the year along the Lisbon coast.

A typical surf lesson often follows this general timeline:

  1. Introduction (15-20 minutes):
    • Meet the instructor, safety briefing, and an overview of the lesson plan.
  2. Land-Based Instruction (15-20 minutes):
    • Onshore practice: Learn about surf equipment, basic techniques like paddling, popping up, and stance on the board.
  3. In-Water Practice (1-1.5 hours):
    • Head into the water to apply what was learned on land, practice catching waves, and receive guidance from the instructor.
  4. Feedback and Wrap-Up (10-15 minutes):
    • Debriefing session: Instructor feedback, areas for improvement, and a recap of the lesson.

Please note, the durations may vary based on the lesson structure and individual learning needs.

All packages have the same surf lesson structure: Surf Camp Express, Surf Camp, and Surf & Yoga Camp.

The type of yoga practiced is typically a blend that caters to various levels, focusing on Hatha, Vinyasa, or a mix of both. Our classes emphasize a balanced approach, incorporating elements of breathwork, movement, and relaxation to suit different needs and skill levels.

We recommend packing the essentials such as swimwear, a towel, sunscreen, comfortable clothing, and any personal items. Get in touch with us and familiarise yourself with our camp details, review the itinerary, and be ready for an unforgettable surfing adventure on the beautiful Portuguese coast.

Yes you can! You can book here for your surf lessons.

I recommend our shuttle service priced at 45€ for a one-way trip or 90€ for a round trip. Alternatively, for public transportation, take the metro red line from the airport to Alameda, and switch to the green line toward Cais do Sodre. From there, catch the train to Carcavelos station. Find out more in Our Location

Booking with us is simple via our website. Our flexible cancellation policy ensures peace of mind for your plans. Free cancellation up to 30 days before check-in. Check our Terms & Conditions

We have 4 different breakfasts:

  • Greek yogurt bowl (Granola, seasonable fruits, seeds)
  • Mediterranean breakfast (Grilled cheese with ham, tomatoes and oregano)
  • Athlete breakfast (Strawberry protein shake, strawberry, peanut butter)
  • Elvis toast (2 toasts, peanut butter, banana)

For the BBQ dinner party, we offer an all-you-can-eat and drink experience. You can indulge in a variety of delicious grilled dishes, accompanied by refreshing beverages such as beer and Sangria. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a hearty meal and mingle with fellow guests in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.



  • Portuguese chouriço and bread

Main course:

  • On the grill (chicken legs, pork steaks, burgers, ribs, sausages and rib racks)
  • Sides (rice, crips and salad)

Vegetarian option:

  • Vegetarian burgers
  • Mixed vegetables (mushrooms, eggplants, pepper & courgette)


  • The famous Pastel de Nata


  • Beer and sangria

The typical age range of guests visiting or staying at the surf house to fall between 20 and 30 years old.

Yes, in addition to surfing, our camps often include non-surfing activities to provide a well-rounded experience. Explore the beautiful surroundings, engage in beach activities, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Portugal. Check the specific camp details for more information on additional activities.

The time it takes to learn yoga at a camp depends on various factors, including individual commitment, prior experience, and the camp’s curriculum. While a yoga camp may provide an immersive environment conducive to accelerated learning, the duration of time it takes to grasp the fundamentals and experience tangible benefits can vary widely. Some participants may feel the positive effects of yoga after a short period of consistent practice, while others may choose to continue their journey over an extended period to deepen their understanding and proficiency in yoga.

 We provide surfboards, wetsuits, and other necessary equipment. If you have your own gear, feel free to bring it.